Our Objectives

Part 1

  1. To provide a common platform, facilitating agency, and a voice for the business community of which the members of the organization form part by:
    • Facilitating business unity through networking, co-ordinating business forums and co-operating with other business organisations.
    • Engaging with and lobbying government and other stakeholders regarding issues which affect the business interests of its member.
  2. Promoting economic growth and expansion by :
    • Contributing to maintaining an investor and business friendly environment through networking within and outside the LCC.
    • Co-operating with partners and stakeholders in driving initiatives which facilitate sustainable economic and business growth for the  Businesses of its members.
    • Promoting SMME growth through mentorship, enterprise development and business skills training.
  3. Remaining relevant to the organization’s membership by:
    • Harnessing members’ skills, expertise, energies and resources.
    • Providing effective, efficient and quality service.
    • Representing and serving members’ interests in the community.
    • Assisting in the development of members’ businesses through the supply of relevant information, Training, advice and support.
    • Providing information to facilitate networking of local, national and international business contacts and opportunities for its existing and prospective members.

Part 2

  1. Providing material, information advice to educate, and appropriately inform its members so that they are able to attract and retain highly motivated and well trained staff by providing an empowering and rewarding environment in which employees achieve professional and personal excellence and growth.
  2. Encouraging, advising and sufficiently educating its members to embrace and perpetuate Hindu ethics, values and good corporate governance so as to ensure financial sustainability, environmental sensitivity and the continued viability of their businesses.
  3. Encouraging, advising and sufficiently informing its members regarding social responsibility issues such as contributing towards the alleviation of poverty and the empowerment of identified individuals, entities or causes.
  4. Promoting Brotherhood, Unity and Togetherness for the Mutual Benefit of Members and the Community, thus fulfilling the goals of Dharma and Karma.

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