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The Blue Circle

Symbolic  for 'support' of business and organizations.  One of the fundamentals of LCC is incubating and mentoring of business, organizations and individuals.  This also represents Truth, the all-encompassing Lord and also the concept of Networking, Unity and Strength.

The Saffron Pyramid and Fire

Symbolises growth.  Business and individuals can only progress due to growth. LCC will therefore support, encourage and promote growth. Saffron is a powerful color amongst Hindus where this signifies the Sun and its life giving and sustaining properties, the renouncement of selfish gains and the promotion of true support, dharma and personal growth in either spiritual or material ways.

The pyramid represents the move from the gross to the subtle…stages of life , the 5 types of personalities as described in the VEDAS viz: Annamaya (physical, materialistic), Pranamaya (energetic, action orientated), Manaomaya (emotional, sentimental), Vijnanamaya (intellectual, judgemental) and Anandamaya (creative, visionary)

Fire  represents purity of deed and thought, burning of ego and selfish desires. It also symbolic of the Ultimate destiny and connection with Brahman.  A very strong symbolization of the holy havan fire - so important to Hindus.  This signifies purity and the dedication of the organization to promote it's aims and achieve it's goals. As we know, anything offered to the holy havan fire is burnt and turns into essence that merges into the atmosphere and universe - the fundamental aim of LCC therefore is to merge with global communities and therefore promote it's aims.

The White Lotus

The Lotus flower rises from the depths  of  the body of water to surface as a beautiful symbol of purity, a symbol of conquering  great odds, symbol of overcoming adversity, a symbol of overcoming the depths of pain, suffering, evil, ignorance and rising above to purity, enlightenment , success and to the truth.  The white lotus here symbolizes the central theme of LCC, being part of the name and symbolizing the purity of the aims and goals of the organization. Therefore LCC's aims are of a pure nature in achieving the promotion of culture and business.

The Colour Green

Symbolic of Growth and an entity that is environmentally conscious and friendly.

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