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LCC was launched in March 2014. We are not aligned to any fraternity, and have members from different linguistic, spiritual and political organisations in South Africa.  We feel though that there is a need to uphold Hindu Dharma through Economic strength - a unifying common concern. 

We would like to incubate, promote and support Hindu business endeavours with our resources, expertise, contacts and international associations.  We believe it is necessary to have a broad all-encompassing approach to Hindu business that will help these efforts and not shut them down.  These efforts will ultimately create economic strength to our members and therefore contribute to the country positively and create wealth and employment.

By joining our network you will aid our mission to strengthen Hinduism via empowerment of individuals, businesses, business entities, associations of business persons and similar organizations that subscribe to the Hindu Ethos and aims and objectives of the LCC, by harnessing, sharing business acumen, information, knowledge, skills and resources collectively by means of effective networking.

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